Let yourself be carried away by the Cocooning rituals.

Rose crystals

Unique scrubs made from rose crystals.


Quality service. Attention to Details. The Best of Relaxation

Rituals of the Hammam
Black Soap Body Scrub30 min.180dh
Ghassoul wrap30 min.150dh
Scrub with Rose Crystals30 min.180dh
Honey and Brown Sugar Scrub30 min.180dh
Sea Salt Scrub30 min.180dh
Natural Plants Scrub and Body Wrap 60 min.350dh
Chocolate  Scrub and  Wrap60 min.300dh
Moroccan Traditional Package:  Hammam and Scrub - Ghassoul Wrap - Relaxing or Toning Massage 500dh

Relaxation Package:  Hammam and Scrub - Ghassoul Wrap - Massage - Facial treatment - Manicure and Pedicure


Salts & aromas

Between sea and desert.

Zen Attitude

Reside more fulfilled than returning.