Oriental Pedicure

Let yourself be pampered by the Cocooning rituals.


Instant radiance treatment

Unique scrubs made from rose crystals.


Quality service. Attention to Details. The Best of Relaxation

Facial Treatments
Instant radiance treatment50 min.350dh
Specific Repairing Care1H400dh
Berber Sun Care45 min.450dh
Facial Treatment with Royal Jelly1H600dh
Beauty of Hands and Feet
Manicure30 min.150dh
Oriental Manicure45 min.200dh
Pedicure45 min.200dh
Oriental Pedicure1H250dh
Nail polish 50dh

Royal Jelly Treatment

The best care just for you.

Zen Attitude

Reside more fulfilled than returning.